Dolphin Nature Research Group Sangli

Dolphin Nature Research Group is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) which is working for Environment Protection and making Awareness about it in Common Peoples and also in Students. Dolphin Group Established in 1997 in Sangli (Maharashtra – India).




Some Important Projects run by Dolphin Group

  • During Ganesh festival season collecting garbage (Collection of Waste Materials) -
    When the people (devotee) immerse the idol of Ganesh in the water with other material(garbage). They also leave other substances in the water like plastic carrybags and so. So it creats so many problems with the water pollution. We run a project during festival time that we collect the huge amount of garbage at immersion period of Ganesh festival at the bank of river Krishna. We also leave a message to them don’t throw the garbage in the water. Don’t pollute the water, Handover the garbage to us. In this way we persuvate the mind of the people(devotes).They handover the garbage at us. Muncipal Carporation also co-operate with us and also decided to create the Natural fertilizers from the garbage.

  • Sowing seeds and Tree plantation programme in Sagareshwar Sanctuary in Sangli district (Maharashtra) -
    Sagareshwar is wildlife sanctuary mainly for grass eaters , like Spotted Deers, Sambers , Black Buks , etc. So every year we gather at the sanctuary in the rainy season for special purpose, we sow many seeds (various) in the sanctuary and planted various sapliangs with the help of the members.We selected the area in the sanctuary for the important project. In the sanctuary we planted many plants like Neem tree, mango, etc. that we selected the area for the project East direction of the valley of the sanctury since 2000. In this way we are running same programme in Dandoba in sangli district.

  • Small Forest Ponds (Creating Water Wall) -
    In the rainy season run off water from the sanctuary. So we built small water ponds (Water Walls) in Sagareshwar sanctuary. It is useful for the wild animal for long time , after the rainy season to drink.

  • Environment Awareness Project -
    Everyone should be aware about enviornment. We are running many environmental programme for awareness. Student is like a guard of our Nation, like that he is also a Environmental conservator in the future. So our NGO arranged many lectures on environment for the student.

  • Guidance Lecture on environment -
    The president Mr.Shashikant Ainapure delivered many lectures on environment , since 10 years. Many schools, collages invited him for lecture on environment. He give the guidance on environment conservation, wildlife. He create awareness in society, our Secretary Dr.Padmja Patil also deliver lectures on Medicinal Plants and their advatages for Healthy Life.

  • School-level Environment Competition -
    Different types of competions such as essay-writing ,drawing seeds collection, collection of pictures of wildlife are arranged, through which students are motivated to study environmental aspect.The seeds collected by students are spread in the forest area.Seedings grown, tree plantation is done. Remaining seeds are given to the department of social forestry.

  • Awareness Rally -
    Every Year 5th June is celebrated as ‘World Environment Day’. and From 1st Oct to 7th Oct celebrated as wildlife week. In that perticular days Rally is arranged to make the people aware about Nature Conservation. Students and members participate in the rally with slogans and pamplates. The students wearing the masks of wild animals add to the awareness of people about Wild Animals Protection.

  • To stop the pollution due to festivals through a campaign -
    A campaign of awareness of people about the air, noise , sound, water pollution which is caused by the festivals like Holi, Dipawali, Ganesh-festival, etc.

  • Environment Posters and Nature Photography Exhibition -
    Poster and Nature photography Exhibition on environment conservation and problems were arranged in Sangli and Kolhapur City many times. Thousands of nature lovers were visited to exhibition. Also WildLife Exhibition arrenged in Sagareshwar Santury. Also we are going to arrenge WildLife Exhibition in many Schools , Colleges in Future.

  • Campaign on Cleanliness and Anti-Platic activity -
    The Campaign on Cleanliness and Anti-Platic activity were arrenged in Sangli city and many other places.

  • Treatment of injured birds/animals -
    The injured birds and animals are given first-aid-treatment and then released into their natural habitat.

  • Contribution in counting the numbers of animals -
    Every year the members of the club given helping hand to the dept. of forest in counting the number of tiger and other animals .

Future Events

  • To develop mobile exhibition giving detailed information of Environment conservation , Indian wildlife and Medicinal Plants.
  • Undertaken a project of planting different saplings and seeds for the development of forest area of sagareshwar sanctuary. As well as in Dandoba Forest Area in Sangli district.

Future Events

  • Environment conservation training programme for student, ladies, and teachers.
  • Since year 2000 every year our club has been organizing an awareness drive during Ganesh Festival as well as collectin waste materials (Garbedge / Nirmalya) is colleted and composted into nature.

Future Events

  • To form a research team, which will visit the forests to study the life style of wild animals for their conservation.
  • To construct more forest water walls in sagareshwar sanctuary on voluntary basis for rain water harvesting. It will help to make drinking water available for deers .This project has been undertaken from year 2008.


Name Profession
Hon.Sureshchandra Varghade Wildlife Specialist And Writter
Hon.Dr.Madhukar Bachulkar Scientist of Medicin Plants
Hon.Pramod Chougule Architect And Former President Of Rotary Club
Hon.Dr.Anil Madake Chest Specialist And Social Worker
Hon.Principal Vaijnath Mahajan Writter
Hon.Shrinivas Bhosale C.A. And Former Precident Of Rotary Club.


Name Designation Profession
Shashikant Ainapure President Lecturer (Junior College)
Arun Kamble Chief Executive Head Master
Sushant Nikam Vice President Teacher
Dr.Padmaja Patil Secretary Doctor
Ashwini Chougule Treasurer Company Administrator
Pravin Magdum Member Mechanic
Shivaji Patil Member Administrator
Milind Surywanshi Member Bussinessman
Dinesh Patil Member Company Auditer
Vijay Savadi Member Bussinessman
Abhijit Ghorpade Member Serviceman (Mantralaya)
Archana Ainapure Member ND
Rahul Salunke Member Bussinessman
Prof Vikas Awale Member Professor
Avinash Mulik Member Environment Officer in Company
Sunita Jadhav Member Bussinessman
Prajkata Ghorpade Member House-Wife
Vikas Late Member Govt.Officer
Rushikesh Ainapure Member Student
Ravi Suryawanshi Member PSI
Narayanan Member Income Tax Officer
Ujwal Sathe Member Bussinessman
Vaibhav Solaskar Member Student
Pavan Bhokare Member Student
Sujit Khavate Member Teacher
Nitin Kumbhar Member PSI
Snehal Nirmale Member House-Wife
Vikas Sawant Member Serviceman (Company)
Bhagawan Jadhav Member Serviceman (Bank)
Komal Jadhav Member Student
Kiran Jadhav Member Student
Yuvraj Sathe Member Teacher
Aditi Kumbhojkar Member Serviceman
Varsha Chougule Member Teacher
Sunita Chougule Member House-Wife
Sandip Chougule Member Manager in Company
Samir Shah Member Bussinessman
Arya Kulkarni Member Student
Vaishali Kulkarni Member Teacher
Surendra Kore Member Bussinessman

Dolphin nature group sangli

Premanant Address:
9,Shri Sharda Housing Society, Kupwad Road Sangli.
Tal.-Miraj , Dist.-Sangl
PIN - 416416

Established Year:12th Feb 1997
Govement Registration Number: 1) MAH/6286/SGL
2) F-6249 Sangli
Audit: Every Year
12A Registration No: Kop head quarter
80G Registration : Life Time
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